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IAAPA Recruiting Department: The Final Hurdle

Please answer the following questions and press the button Submit Answers at the bottom of the page when you finish. You must answer all questions.

Is Algeria adjacent to Gibraltar with a land bridge?
Is it possible for a transport to move from the Hawaii Sea Zone to the East Panama Sea Zone in one turn?
Is the southernmost point of the continent of Australia adjacent to the Soviet Far East?
True or False: A carrier can accommodate 2 fighters or 1 bomber.
Is the New Zealand Sea Zone adjacent to the Peru Sea Zone?
Is the Baltic Sea Zone adjacent to Karelia?
True or False: Players may bid Anti-Aircraft (AA) guns as part of their bid.
True or False: Once all the land units of an attacker are killed, he may retreat any surviving air units.
True or False: An air unit provides a potential retreat territory simply by flying over it on its way to the battle?
True or False: The Heavy Bomber Weapons Development gives the player 3 dice rolls during regular attacks as well as Strategic Bombing Raids.