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IAAPA Recruiting Department: The Final Hurdle

Please answer the following questions and press the button Submit Answers at the bottom of the page when you finish. You must answer all questions.

True or False: Players must place a bid naval unit adjacent to a territory that contains an Industrial Complex.
True or False: A player may choose to receive IPCs in lieu of units for his bid.
Is it legal for a player to bid 8 infantry in Eastern Europe and remove 1 infantry from Western Europe for a total bid of 21?
Is the southernmost point of the continent of Australia adjacent to the Soviet Far East?
True or False: A carrier can accommodate 2 fighters or 1 bomber.
During an amphibious assault:
a. The player may retreat all remaining attacking units at any time.
b. The player may retreat any units except for the troops that were unloaded.
c. The player may retreat air units once all attacking ground troops are killed.
d. No unit may retreat from the amphibious assault at any time.
True or False: The Eastern Canada Sea Zone is adjacent to Western Canada.
True or False: Some or all attacking submarines may elect to withdraw after the end of any round, after which the defender may withdraw some or all of their submarines provided a friendly or unoccupied sea zone exists.
True or False: An infantry unit can attack a bomber.
Is Algeria adjacent to Gibraltar with a land bridge?