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IAAPA Recruiting Department: The Final Hurdle

Please answer the following questions and press the button Submit Answers at the bottom of the page when you finish. You must answer all questions.

Are the sea zones at the top of the board adjacent to the sea zones at the bottom of the board?
Is it legal for a player to bid 8 infantry in Eastern Europe and remove 1 infantry from Western Europe for a total bid of 21?
True or False: It is legal to move naval units through a sea zone where combat has taken place during your non-combat movement.
True or False: Once all the land units of an attacker are killed, he may retreat any surviving air units.
True or False: I can unload infantry from the same transport into two different territories during combat, provided that both land territories are adjacent to the sea zone that the transport is located in.
True or False: Casualties from the battleship support shot do not receive a defence roll.
True or False: The Eastern Canada Sea Zone is adjacent to Western Canada.
Is Algeria adjacent to Gibraltar with a land bridge?
Is South Africa adjacent to the Mozambique Sea Zone?
Are Egypt and Syria connected to each other by a land bridge?