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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Map Program


ABattleMap is a highly sophisticated Windows map program in the style of AAAWinMap. Handles 2nd, 4th (AAR), and Anniverary (AA50) Edition game boards

The program can be found Here

Combat Simulators

Proton Battle Sim

- a new Axis & Allies combat simulator available that takes the best features from all the other simulators and wraps them into one program. The program can be found Here

William Gillingham's Axis and Allies Battle Simulator

Gillingham's Battle Simulator - A complex, detailed graphical Windows-based simulator which has complex attack/retreat options and also remembers the last 5 battle results. In addition, you can tell it the number of iterations (sample battles) to roll the dice for, which is useful for slower computers. Finally, there is an option to print out the results.

Rules and Other Materials

Complete Rules Book- Complete PDF of the rule book.

2nd Edition Clarifications - The collection of clarifications which are included in the newer releases of Axis and Allies, put out and compiled by Milton Bradley.

Complete 4th Edition (AAR) Rule Sets - Larry Harris Tournament Rules Verions 2.0.

Complete Anniversary Edition (AA50) Rule Sets - Straight from board game set

Anniversary Edition (AA50) FAQ's - FAQ's Feb 2010

Anniversary Edition ABattleMap Map Files(AA50) - Extract to you ABattleMap folder.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 11 February 2010 )