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Saturday, 29 November 2008


If a player has not submitted his turn within 5 days and has not complied with the turn submission guidelines then you may initiate a forfeit.

To initiate a forfeit:

1. Go to the Member Home page on the website, and click on the ?Request Forfeit? button
2. Select the appropriate game number, and enter a reason for the forfeit request.
3. Submit the request. One copy goes to your opponent, one copy to the Minister of Law.
4. If your opponent does not respond to the request, either by adequately explaining his absence or submitting a turn, then notify the Minister of Law requesting a forfeit victory.
5. If the forfeit request is approved the Minister of Law will notify both parties, issue the forfeit victory and close out the game.
6. If the forfeit is not approved then the Minister of Law will instruct both parties to continue the game and may impose special conditions as appropriate to ensure that the game is played in a timely manner. If these conditions are not followed then the Minister of Law may declare the game a forfeit.

Players who continually forfeit may be subject to a Code of Conduct action.


By mutual agreement a game may be annulled.

Annulled games are not 'draws' and have no affect on Association ranking or rating points.

Annulments are discouraged and should only be used for special circumstances. It is the IAAPA's intent that whenever possible all games be played to their conclusion.

Players who continually annul games may be subject to a Code of Conduct action.

Last Updated ( Friday, 26 December 2008 )