It is with a heavy heart that IAAPA must announce the passing of one of its memorable and veteran members. On Tuesday July 17th, Tom Brown (AxisSpec aka AnA Gamer aka Errant Knight) passed away at the age of 47 from an apparent heart attack. Tom will be remembered for his brilliant wit, humor, and style that he used so well in his games, and especially in the IAAPA Havoc. Many will miss him.

Tom was one of the people who was integral in making IAAPA into a real community, through his characteristics of good sportmanship and his intense love of the game which led him to being one of our Association's most active members, with over 210 completed games at the time of his passing.

He was the most dedicated Havoc Editor to date, penning the IAAPA Havoc from March of 1999 to December of 2000, putting out 22 issues of editorials, game excerpts and whatever else that seemed appropriate to him.

As someone who knew and was a good friend of Tom's, I can honestly say that he was one of the most intelligent, articulate and interesting people I had ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I know that I will miss his wit and humour dearly.

Goodbye Tom, keep the board set up and the dice at hand - we'll catch a game later on the other side.

Michael Craggs (micwil)