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Campaign League Rules and Regs (1st Edition)
This season's League Ladder
The complete list of the League's Medal winners
The League's Heart Breakers and Record Makers
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(Current season: 1st Aug '02 - 1st Aug '03)

Welcome to the Campaign League! Have you ever wondered just how good you are at A&A? Do you think you possess the skills required to win the game using three distinct theatres on the A&A board? Well, the Campaign League is the ultimate proving ground to test your strategy and tactics in several gameboard environments. This is the IAAPA's most gruelling tournament. Do you have what it takes to complete a campaign?

The Campaign League is unlike any other IAAPA tournament. In the league you are going to need to show ability and flexibility in using three different bid placement areas (theatres) both as the Axis and the Allies. A League season lasts for 12 months, you don't need to sign up to play in the Campaign League so you can begin your campaign at anytime during the season. See the rules page for details.

League Features:

  • Compete in six league games.
  • Three distinct bid placement areas.
  • Variable bid ranges.
  • League Ladder.
  • Six distinct medal awards.
  • Eight medals in total.
  • Hall of Fame.


    ** 18th Dec 2002 **

  • Campaign League growing!

    Our newest IAAPA League is gaining respect with 26 participants and a total of 39 games in progress or completed.

      ** 30th Nov 2002 **

    • First Theater Victory Medals (TVM) awarded!

      wOnderdOg earns the Pacific TVM and Starchild seizes the prestigious European TVM with hard fought victories, while Nemo steals his African TVM with two game forfeits.

        ** 8th Sept 2002 **

      • BlackWatch scores first points in the Campaign league.

          ** 6th Aug 2002 **

        • First CL game underway

          Byrons_Brigade and Telintel have kicked off the inaugural season of the Campaign League with a Pacific theatre double header. This earned both guys a place in the Hall of Fame "firsts" category in the Pacific theatre. note: While BB and TEL have chosen to play back to back games it is not compuslory to play reciprocal games vs the same opponent

        • Einstein gambles on Jap navy bid in PAC theatre game

          Not sure what Ron has in mind with the following bid, 1 sub Japan + 1 ftr Car sz AC .... a KUSAF strategy perhaps??. I bet his opponent wargeneral is wondering what exactly is in store for him. Maybe these campaigners can post an update of their game sometime in the future.

        • RedDwarf packs his duffle bag for his first campaign

          Yup, I am going to take my chances in the league. This will be only the second IAAPA event that I have played in since becoming MoT. I will be carefully negotiating my games, trying to find some high ranked opponents to play against as the Allies. If you are not such a good Axis player, such as myself, then this is perhaps a golden opportunity to see how the Axis should be played.

        • Hall of Fame

          Be the first to start a Europe or Africa theatre campaign and get yourself a permanent record in the Hall of Fame.

          ** 1st Aug 2002 **

        • The inaugural Campaign League season opens today!
        • I would like to thank the following guys for their efforts:
        • Terry and Alan for their help putting together the rules.
        • Robert deserves a mention for his great work on nailing down the theatre section of the rules.
        • It is not easy thing to accurately convey a visual idea to someone but Silex did a brilliant job on the background and medal designs, looking just as I had imagined.
        • Finally thanks to Micwil for smoothing out the rough edges
        • Good Luck to all in the Campaign League


        All questions should be sent to the Minister of Tournaments at: tourneys@axisandallies.net


1st Edition Campaign League Rules by:

Minister of Tournaments - Warren (RedDwarf)
Minister of Recruiting - Alan (Spud)
BBS Moderator - Terry (BlackWatch)
Strategy Officer - Robert (HighCmmdr)