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Interested in forming a team of 3 IAAPA members, and testing your mettle against other IAAPA triumvirates? Ask around, post in the BBS Team Super League Forum, and coalesce into efficient units for the next season. Season 2 started March 15, 2002.

Questions? Direct them to the IAAPA Team Super League Coordinator, Brian (league@axisandallies.net).

We had 2 Divisions of 6 teams each (total of 36 members) who are involved in the first season of active play which began May 1, 2001. Click here to review Season 1 Statistics.

In Season 2, we have 3 Divisions of 5 teams each (total of 45 members) and it is turning out to be even more exciting than Season 1. Use the links above to see the current information.

ITSL Steering Committee

Minister of IAAPA Team Super League - Brian (Sephorin)
Minister of Tournaments - Warren (Reddwarf)
Minister of Recruiting - Alan (Spud)
Prime Minister - Michael (micwil) (advisory role)
Minister of Law - John (Johnpin569) (advisory role)