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Division A Schedule

Name CaptainPlayer2Player3
Cross of IronStienerDiecasterRewstr
Der GeneralstabGroefaz Arminius Glorfindel
Engineered VictoryBoromir AbuMulch Hoquista
Hal's Boys Byrons_Brigade Nemo MolotovCocktail
The Warrior Fathers cnty9047@ Leone Einswine
The Prarie Panzers Spud Raist Daninja
Twisted Steel PipsPopsRising wharfrat MacTabar

Division B Schedule

Name CaptainPlayer2Player3
Your Worst Nightmare Sohoa Amgor Spinboldak
The Fourth Reich JnMLasater ArAmesh Sabre
Dogs of War Facil AAtorpedo stimpy
Mustangs Sploos Sunburn Hess
Albert & the A Bombs Mr_Chaos Einstien AFC_Gunner
The Mulchmakers mcgoo98   Foo_Fighter
The Titans TheTrain Explosive Cruzybeerzman