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Interested in forming a team of 3 IAAPA members, and testing your mettle against other IAAPA triumvirates? Ask around, post in the BBS Team Super League Forum, and coalesce into efficient units for the next season. Season 4 starts February 10th, 2004.

Questions? Direct them to the IAAPA Team Super League Coordinator, Eric (league@axisandallies.net).

We had 2 Divisions of 6 teams each (total of 36 members) who are involved in the first season of active play which began May 1, 2001. Click here to review Season 1 Statistics. We had 3 Divisions of 5 teams each (total of 45 members) in the second Season. Click here to review Season 2 Statistics. Season 3 saw 2 Divisions of 6 teams and one division of 5. Click here to review Season 3 Statistics.

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ITSL Steering Committee

Minister of IAAPA Team Super League - Eric (Raist)
Minister of Tournaments - Jochen (Groefaz)
Minister of Recruiting - Alan (Spud)
Prime Minister - Michael (micwil) (advisory role)
Minister of Law - John (Johnpin569) (advisory role)